4495 Mineola Avenue, Little River, SC 29566 -- (843)427-7228
About Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi Bar Patios is conveniently located on the waterfront in little river sc Patios offers full grill menus and a new sushi bar We have a calendar full of live events at Patios Look at all of the great times we have at Patios Tiki Bar Here is how to get in touch with us
For 2018 Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi is proud to offer a brand new Sushi Bar! In addition to our traditional crowd pleasing table fare, we have included some new items for your pleasure. Below you will find thumbnail images of our menus that we have for 2018. To view, simply hover over them with your mouse. We look forward to seeing you at Patios this year and look forward to another great season! Come and join us by the intercoastal waterway in our beautiful waterfront tiki bar and have a great meal with fun, music and dancing!!

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Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi Bar
4495 Mineola Avenue, Little River, SC 29566

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Over the years Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Tiki Bar has had the fortune of being appreciated by most everyone that visits us. We have many repeat customers and quite a few make Patios a regular stop every year when they visit on vacation. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what is being said about us on Social Media: