4495 Mineola Avenue, Little River, SC 29566 -- (843)427-7228
About Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi Bar Patios is conveniently located on the waterfront in little river sc Patios offers full grill menus and a new sushi bar We have a calendar full of live events at Patios Look at all of the great times we have at Patios Tiki Bar Here is how to get in touch with us
If there is one thing that we love at Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi it is having a good time, and helping our customers do the same. We have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with nightly entertainment through the season, dancing and great food.

We are truly a place for all walks of life, and you will find a great cross-section of people who frequent our Grand Strand restaurant, night after night, season after season. On any given night you can find locals who frequently visit, families with young kids and, of course a great crowd of millennials who particularly love our sushi options. We have something for everyone at Patios Tiki Bar!

Here are some photos of great people having great fun. If you have a photo that you think would look great on our site that you took while at Patios, please let us know and we may include it on our website.

Fun Pics!
Food Pics
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Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi Bar
4495 Mineola Avenue, Little River, SC 29566

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Over the years Patios Tiki Bar, Grill and Tiki Bar has had the fortune of being appreciated by most everyone that visits us. We have many repeat customers and quite a few make Patios a regular stop every year when they visit on vacation. But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what is being said about us on Social Media: